VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg Makes Her 'View' Debut

The new host gets a standing ovation and greetings from New York's mayor

(Video courtesy of ABC)

“Good morning, I’m Whoopi Goldberg,” the TV star said Tuesday morning on the ABC daytime chat fest The View, which kicked off its new season with a new host and a new set.

Goldberg and her colleagues received a standing ovation, as well as a message of congratulations from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also chimed in with his sense of humor.

Conveying the mayor’s message to her, View star and co-executive producer Barbara Walters, 78, said he was upset that he wasn’t picked for the new job. “Goldberg, Bloomberg,” Hizzoner said. “You must’ve gotten confused. We look so much alike.” (He added that he loved Goldberg and wished her the best.)

Sporting a new look – besides the orange and yellow studio set – was cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose baby is due in 70 more days, she said – as she showed off her expanded belly.

The episode’s only guest was Danny DeVito, back on the View for the first time since his memorably tipsy appearance last November following his long night carousing with George Clooney. This time, he called George an “idiot” – that being President George, said the actor, not George the leading man.

As Walters gasped, Goldberg did not chime with so much as a wisecrack.

Earlier Tuesday, Goldberg and Walters appeared together on Good Morning America. Asked how she planned to prepare for her new job, Goldberg joked, “I’m going to look in the mirror and tell myself, ‘Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I can.’ ”

In a more serious vein, she said that being on a network show means “there are very specific lines and regulations you don’t mess with. … It’s 11 o’clock in the morning, and there are some things you cannot say.”

Asked if she’d be comfortable talking about her love life, she laughed and answered: “Sure. It’ll take about six seconds.”

Goldberg, 51, in the weeks leading up to her official debut at the table, made it known that although she has strong opinions, she also has shed a lot of her edge and would not be like the previous View cohost, Rosie O’Donnell, who was often combative on the show.

When Walters officially announced that Goldberg was joining the show’s roster on Aug. 1, Hasselbeck, 30, asked what Goldberg thought of celebrity feuds, given those that had taken place last season.

Goldberg told her and the other cohost, Joy Behar, 64, that she’s too mellow to get involved with such things.

To get the point further across, early last month, speaking to radio host Ryan Seacrest, Goldberg was asked if she planned to pick fights in the style of her predecessor. “No,” she responded, “I would have to be Rosie to do that. I am Whoopi, I have no reason to do that, that is not my style.”

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