"This week is just going to be raw passion," says Bleu

By Corbin Bleu
Updated October 07, 2013 02:20 PM
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Corbin Bleu is a former High School Musical star who is competing on season 17 of Dancing with the Stars with season 13 champion Karina Smirnoff. The Disney alum will blog for PEOPLE about his experience on ABC’s hit show.

I was surprised Bill Nye went home last week because he was a fan favorite. To me what’s scary is that it was because of an injury. We’re all having these injuries so early on in the game because the caliber of the talent is so high, so everyone is pushing themselves more than they usually would. It’s been really intense.

I’m still learning all of the technique of the ballroom style. Last week was my first ballroom dance, and not only was it my first ballroom, but it was also the fastest quickstep that’s ever been done on the show. Our quickstep was elegant and very old school, and this week is just going to be raw passion.

This week we’re working on the paso doble. What’s awesome with Karina is that a lot of times on the show they’ll play to your strengths, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to just say, well this is what kind of a dancer I am, so let’s just work that. She’s really pushing me.

We’re doing a really traditional paso done to a really great sexy Spanish guitar song. The beats change constantly throughout the song, so it makes for a very abstract and really organic dance, but it’s definitely difficult to stay on it. This week it’s mainly going to be working on the timing of the dance.

There are some fun bits. We want this dance to be a full-on fight between the two of us. It’s this couple that has this ridiculously passionate love, where you love each other to the end of the earth, yet you literally want to kill each other. It’s really intense and it’s very, very sexy.

The biggest challenge this week is that I’m sick! Karina started to get sick the night of the show, and we’re with each other all day every day and dancing really close to each other, so it was inevitable that I would get sick too. It’s been a little tough. My head is cloudy, I’m tired, and my energy is definitely lacking this week, but I’m still pushing myself. To get better we’re both medicated right now, so we’re both actually a little bit more loopy than usual. It’s pretty funny. We’re tired, but we’re having fun.

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