October 20, 2008 02:00 PM

Is Taylor Swift a budding music video director? The country star certainly has a flair for the visual. Witness: Her latest project, a backstage video diary documenting time she spent with the band Def Leppard in Nashville.

In the new video – filmed for MySpace Celebrity – the 18-year-old star offers a peak at the TV taping of CMT’s Crossroads before it airs Nov. 7.

And, surprise, things turn musical.

Only, Swift doesn’t actually sing any of her songs. Instead she’s assembled a fun cast of characters – her brother Austin, her cat, her best friend Abigail, some bandmates – to lip sync along to Katy Perry’s hit “Hot N Cold” over a montage of footage documenting her pre-show rituals, some casual time off and her silly sense of humor. Check it out!
– Brian Orloff

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