The Facebook pics of Amy Polumbo are racy, but not quite pornographic

By Emily Fromm
Updated July 12, 2007 10:10 AM

(Video courtesy NBC.)

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo has revealed several racy photographs that she says were being used to blackmail her.

The pictures, which she showed on Thursday’s Today show, include a shot of her boyfriend biting her (clothed) breast and one of her holding two gourds in front of her chest.

Polumbo is drinking alcohol in some of the photos, although she says she was over 21 at the time they were taken.

The photos, which were pulled from Polumbo’s private page, had been sent anonymously to Miss New Jersey pageant officials and signed, “Committee to Save Miss America.”

Officials will decide Thursday whether the photos are racy enough to require Polumbo, a 22-year-old Wagner College theater student, to forfeit her crown.

“It’s not in a lady-like manner,” Polumbo said on the Today show. “But I am not a robot. I am human being.” Of the blackmail incident, she added: “I feel sick to my stomach.”