The former supermodel also admits she disagrees with her husband over "some language"

Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty

Melania Trump, looking ahead to the prospect of moving into the White House come January 2017, says she expects to be unlike any of the First Ladies who came before her.

“I will be me,” the Slovenian-born former supermodel tells CNN. “I will be different than any other first ladies.”

It’s true that not since John Quincy Adams’ wife, Louisa (born in England), has America had a foreign-born First Lady, according to the National First Ladies Library. And never have we had a former supermodel running the East Wing. (Louisa Adams played the harp and raised silkworms. Not even close.)

But the First Lady agenda that Mrs. Trump, 45, outlined in broad strokes to CNN this week is a conventional one:

“I will help women, I will help children – they are our future. They need our guidance and help.”

She added that she would, if husband Donald is elected, choose among the charities she currently supports – “one or two that are very dear to me and work on that.”

According to her personal website,, those charities include the Martha Graham Dance Company, The Boy’s Club of New York, The American Red Cross, and the Police Athletic League.

Before she was even married to Trump, she told The New York Times in 1999 that she would be a “traditional” helpmate sort of First Lady – “like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.

And maybe keep his language in check.

Mrs. Trump told CNN that she privately disagrees with her husband on “many things – some language, of course.” And she used as an example that time in New Hampshire when he repeated on stage a cry from the crowd that opponent Ted Cruz is a “pussy.”

“I was in New Hampshire when the woman was shouting out the inappropriate word, and I was there,” Mrs. Trump said in the CNN interview

. “And I’m thinking like, ‘Don’t repeat it,’ in my head, for him, ‘Don’t repeat it. Just don’t say it because the next day, media, all they will talk about is that.’ But he repeated it. He’s with the momentum, he goes with the flow, he goes with the people. They’re having fun, everybody was cheering. And he said it.”

She said she spoke to her husband about it afterward.

“Yeah, I told him that, yes,” she said.