The singer recovers during a commercial break and apologizes for being "winded"
Credit: Photo: Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

Video courtesy The Insider Online

Before a stunned television audience, Marie Osmond collapsed after her samba routine at Dancing with the Stars on Monday, but recovered enough to get her scores and apologize.

“This happens sometimes when I get winded,” a visibly embarrassed Osmond, 48, told co-host Samantha Harris. “I’m so sorry.”

Viewers watching the show live in the East saw Osmond perform a show-stopping samba, then walk to the judge’s table with partner Jonathan Roberts. A visibly winded Osmond then leaned back into Roberts twice before falling onto the floor.

Roberts broke her fall, and the ballroom fell silent. Host Tom Bergeron looked down at Osmond and quickly sent the show to commercial.

As soon as the show went to commercial two medics and Osmond’s manager rushed to her side. The ballroom was silent for more than a minute before Osmond was helped to her feet by Roberts and her manager. The ballroom erupted into applause.

Osmond took two steps and curtsied before wobbly walking with assistance from Roberts backstage.

Once out of sight from the audience, Osmond assured the two medics that she was fine and the show came back live so she and Roberts could receive their scores.

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