Yes, this is an ad for razor blades, but that doesn't mean it can't be moving

First up, yes, this is an ad for razor blades. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be moving.

The video introduces you to Amit, a 44-year-old Israeli man who hadn’t shaved off his beard in 14 years. Then he does, using the Life M6 razors that the clip is designed to promote, but the end result is a lot more than just a commercial.

Amit’s family hadn’t seen his face clean-shaven and unobscured in years, and making a change that allowed them to view him in a different way gets everyone very emotional.

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For example, Amit’s young daughter, Ori, had never seen her father’s face in her entire life. She recognizes him immediately, of course, but even at a young age she’s surprised at how dramatic a small change can be. “You look like a different daddy,” she tells him. Amit seems to agree. “Maybe it’s a new chapter in my life,” he muses in a voiceover.

The video has since become a worldwide viral hit. In an Adweek article, Eva Hasson, spokesperson for the agency that made the video, said she was surprised to learn how something as simple as face-fur can have a big effect on how men view themselves and how others view them.

“Some of the topics uncovered were the fact people like to hide behind their beard,” Hasson said. “It gives them a sense of security. It is an exteriorization of their virility. They believe it is a source of authority.”

It’s almost enough to make you wonder what barriers you’re putting up that are changing the way your loved ones view you.