She says her husband Mark Consuelos "makes the decisions" in their house

By Pete Norman
Updated September 07, 2007 07:50 AM

(Video Courtesy Court TV)

Kelly Ripa is not shy about admitting she likes her Spanish-born husband, actor Mark Consuelos, to take the lead in their tango of life.

“I like it. I think it’s sexy. I’m very turned on by it,” the actress said on Star Jones’s Court TV show of Consuelos who she’s been married to for more than a decade. “I like the fact that he is the man of the house and he makes the decisions.”

Just last month the Live with Regis and Kelly star said she has had a crush on her husband since the day they met. Ripa adds that their romance was a secret for a long time.

“Well, it’s very funny, the first time people realized we were dating we were already married by then,” she told Jones. “We had been dating for a year before we got married, but nobody knew we were dating.”

Now with three children, Ripa and Consuelos, both 36, know the fragility of their success. “I have the world’s greatest job, but the reason I go to the world’s greatest job is because I have a family … and I want our family to have a secure future,” says Ripa. “This is the entertainment industry, and there are no guarantees in this business ever.”

Having the “world’s greatest job,” it’s only natural Ripa praises her costar, Regis. “Yeah, I mean, what can you say? The reason that show is so amazing and has been so amazing is entirely because of him,” she says. “People love listening to him, he’s the world’s greatest storyteller.”

Still, when it comes to downtime, Ripa reveals the secret of her success – be a slacker.

“When I go on vacation, I turn off the phone, I turn off the TV, and I don’t read a newspaper … I’m a vegger,” she says. “I rarely move.”