The Late Night host sends up the brooding heartthrob – just in time for Halloween

By Michelle Tauber
Updated October 30, 2009 03:05 PM

Attention Robert Pattinson fanatics: The world’s most famous tortured bloodsucker can t stand Halloween. Or at least that’s the humorous way Late Show host Jimmy Fallon portrays a moody version of the Twilight star in the latest installment in his series Robert Is Bothered.

“Halloween bothers me,” sulks Fallon-as-Pattinson. “Costumes are stupid. Are you a werewolf? No you’re not, you’re a person. You can’t fool me. Jackass! No candy!”

“Pumpkins are dumb fat squashes,” Fallon jokes in a fake British accent. “Candy corns are stupid. Are you a candy or are you corn?”

The skit follows previous Robert Is Bothered spoofs on Snickers ads and Shark Week.

Perhaps Pattinson should dress up as a certain late-night talk show host for Halloween?

Just a thought.