The actor uploaded a video of himself mimicking the famous line from The Mask

By Drew Mackie
Updated August 19, 2015 02:15 PM
harles Sykes/Invision/AP; Michael Kovac/Getty

Lesson learned: Hugh Jackman can do a pretty good impression of Jim Carrey’s face.

We say “face” because Jackman is just using the Dubsmash app; that’s Carrey, not Jackman, who’s speaking the line from the movie The Mask in the video, which Jackman uploaded on Monday. Then again, just repeating the line isn’t the hard part. Mimicking Jim Carrey’s facial contortions is actually quite a bit trickier.

Those who follow Jackman’s Instagram account may already know that he exercises great facial control – and from time to time uses it to be a giant goofball. He proved this last week with his sing-along to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” which featured a lot more eyebrow action than we’re used to seeing Jackman show off on the big screen.

Hugh Jackman’s Changing Looks!

He can also do a pretty good Alan Rickman, using one of the actor’s lines from Die Hard. Just watch this one on repeat. It’s almost hypnotic.

Just like any celeb’s Instagram account, Jackman’s gives you an odd peek into his personal life. For example, who would have thought that he would be an Adventure Time fan? (Here’s the reference, in case you’re wondering.)

Maybe the real lesson here is that Hugh Jackman is a goofball with rather eclectic tastes? Mr. Jackman, please never change.