His Christmas Day letter to his stunned parents checked off 3 boxes: raising kids, college loans, – and mortgage

By Andrea Billups
Updated December 26, 2014 04:50 PM

There are Christmas gifts. And then there are those that not only overwhelm but are life-changing as one family found out on Thursday morning when their grateful son stepped up with a staggering surprise.

Sitting between his mother and father on the sofa, YouTube user “JoeyTrombone” reached into his front hoodie pocket and pulled out a plain white envelope.

“I have one more gift for you. For both of you,” the son told his parents as his mom opened it to read his hand-written note. It included three small boxes and each one had been checked off: “Raising kids,” “College loans,” and the last one, “Mortgage.”

The son finished his message: “Your house is paid off. Merry Xmas – Joe.”

“Oh, I love you. Thank you,” his mom cried as she embraced him in her arms, sobbing, and then addressed his father in Spanish.

Dad wiped away his own tears as he took the note and read it in shock, later reaching over to cradle his son, saying “Oh, papi.”

The three then joined in a heart-melting family hug.

A very Merry Christmas surprise, indeed.