The singer describes his new video as a his own " visual take on the song"

By Tiffany McGee
Updated October 01, 2008 11:30 AM

Pop rock crooner Gavin DeGraw has given a glimpse of his new video for “Cheated on Me,” the second single from his recently released self-titled album.

“This is the first time I actually sat down and came up with the concept for a video,” DeGraw, whose debut album Chariot went platinum, tells PEOPLE. “The video is made so the viewer can understand the mind of the writer.”

The song and video follow the disintegration of a relationship. Singing earnestly about his suspicions of his lady’s infidelity in a long distance romance, DeGraw proclaims, “I’m lovesick somewhere tonight/I don’t need writing on the wall/I felt it for so long.”

Wearing a newsboy cap and brown vest, DeGraw is seen arguing with his girlfriend before staring longingly out of his window and across an illuminated city view at night. The singer walks around the city and sees his girlfriend in the arms of another man. At one point, DeGraw grabs a glass of red wine and throws it against the wall.

DeGraw says the video “demonstrates my visual take on the song, which helps reveal the true nature of the lyrics.”