After a long weekend, DeGeneres is back and in good spirits

By Tim Nudd
Updated October 23, 2007 11:45 AM

Ellen DeGeneres got her talk show back on lighter ground on Tuesday, joking about her emotional state after she cried on-air last week about her former adopted dog, Iggy.

“If you haven’t heard what’s going on with me, welcome back to Earth,” said DeGeneres, who appeared energetic and clearly in a good mood.

The biggest lesson she learned last week? “Apparently, if you cry on television, people will talk about it.” She then launched into impressions, in various accents, of people from around the world talking about her crying.

But while she poked fun at her sensitive side, she certainly did not apologize for it.

“I’ve always cried, since I was a little kid,” she said. “I’m a sensitive person. I cry. I cry at commercials, I cry at stories, I cry at anything sweet, I cry at babies. I feel better after a good cry, you know? What you don’t want to do is keep in a cry, because then you get bloated. And then you’ll want to cry because you’re bloated. It’s vicious cycle.”

As she spoke, her cameraman, DJ and members of the control room all broke down in mock tears, to the delight of the crowd.

As she promised last week, DeGeneres did not specifically mention Iggy, whose fate she has fretted over since he was taken back from her hairdresser’s family by a rescue agency.

But she did schedule a segment on Tuesday’s show about pet adoption in an attempt to “raise awareness about how many animals out there need rescuing.”