The Rules of Engagement star says art is imitating life on his show

By People Staff
November 01, 2007 12:25 PM

Video courtesy CBS Late Show
For David Spade, art is imitating life: The funny guy admitted Wednesday night that, yes, he dated Heather Locklear – and their sitcom relationship will be somewhat similar.

“You gonna go there already?” he mock-squirmed as David Letterman locked and loaded his first Locklear question on CBS’s Late Show. “Did you actually ever date her?” Letterman probed. “And you know what I mean by date…”

As Paul Shaffer egged him on from the bandstand, Spade, 43, conceded, “We did date there for a while. Gorgeous girl. She was great. We’re friends and now she’s on the show,” he explained about Locklear’s upcoming part on his CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement.

“She plays a girl that dates me that everyone says she shouldn’t be dating,” Spade laughed. “It’s like even on my show that’s the angle.”

Of course, Locklear has since moved on and is now dating her former Melrose Place costar, Jack Wagner.