VIDEO: Ben Affleck Stars in 'Corny' Environmental Ad

The leading man dresses up as an ear of corn

Ben Affleck is seeing green. Why else would he don a corn suit?

The leading man – along with wife Jennifer Garner, best pal Matt Damon as well as Jason Biggs, Sarah Silverman and Joshua Jackson – is starring in a series of YouTube videos, dubbed Clean My Ride, Flex My Fuel.

The five-minute films follow the adventures of a shaggy, bearded alternative fuel activist named Phin, who enlists the celebrity crew in his campaign to make “flex fuel” hip. The global warming awareness clips, produced by the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Center for American Progress Action Fund, can be found on the Clean My Ride Web site and on YouTube.

In his starring role in the video, Affleck, (who first appears four minutes into the video), sports a pointy, yellow foam corn hat with leafy green ears and offers to take down “Big Oil.”

“Congress bows to fear,” Affleck hisses at the hero, who seeks to sweeten lawmakers on corn-based ethanol. “I bring the fear. Does big oil sleep around? Got bad credit? I’ll find the dirt. And I will make big oil regret the day it ever uttered the words ‘price gouging!’ ”

A new video, starring Damon, Garner and Silverman, is set to debut Tuesday, followed by new installments Wednesday and Thursday.

Damon will appear as a flex fuel pump, says Brian Komar, director of strategic outreach for the center, who terms it “hysterical” and says none of the stars took issue with their odd costumes.

In fact, he says, Affleck was happy to get in the corn suit. “It didn’t take much,” Komar tells PEOPLE. “Everyone was just really good-humored. Basically, it’s an issue they care about.”

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