"That is an accurate representation of what America looks like today" Jai says of LGBT presence in media

Credit: Source: Miles Jai/Instagram

Miles Jai knows he’s not the most conventional person in the world.

“Part of the reason why I stated making my channel was not seeing anyone like me,” the colorful online influencer said at the Race & Representation on YouTube panel at Vidcon 2016 on Thursday. “There’s not a lot of people that look like me anywhere.”

So, while still in his teens, Jai sent out to put himself out there on the internet as a member of the LGBT community.

“I really needed to show everyone there are people like us who dress out, and we’re just as human and deserve just as much as anyone else,” said Jai, 23, who was joined by influencers HartBeat, Jeffrey Chang, Kat Lazo, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang on the Kia Mainstage at the Anaheim Convention Center.

And now that he’s achieved YouTube success, Jai is setting his sights on making the LGBT community more visible in the mainstream media.

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“I want to stop seeing queer people murdered on TV and in movies. Especially now, what happened in Orlando. They’re killing us in the streets and they’re killing us on TV, and I’m so over it. I really want to see more representation,” said Jai, who will be interviewed on the INSTANT stage presented by PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly at Vidcon on Friday.

“People say it’s so radical for me to want to see more queer people in main roles, like as the next superhero, or anything else for that matter,” he continued. “That is an accurate representation of what America looks like today. I’d like to see something like that on TV, to see queer people thriving at what they do. I need to see it.”