Professional food blogger Harley Morenstein is super into getting Gigi Gorgeous to collaborate with him on his YouTube channel Epic Meal Time

Credit: Keipher McKennie/WireImage

Harley Morenstein has been missing one special ingredient all along: Gigi Gorgeous!

The amateur chef and professional food blogger – whose YouTube channel Epic Meal Time has over 7 million subscribers – revealed to PEOPLE that he is itching to collaborate with his good friend, Gigi Gorgeous.

“I would love to collab with Gigi Gorgeous because I’m friends with her in real life, but somehow I gotta trick her into coming onto Epic Meal Time because it would just be funny to have her there in all of her gorgeous clothing and feed her tons of disgusting food,” Morenstein said backstage immediately after his panel on the INSTANT stage presented by PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly at VidCon 2016.

And while the actress-model-makeup personality never looks anything but, obviously, gorgeous, Morenstein can’t wait to get her getting down and dirty in the kitchen.

“I kinda wanna get Gigi fat,” he joked. “I feel like that would be good.”

Morenstein has clearly put a lot of thought into this incredible partnership. He already has the channel named!

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“20/20 Fat Gigi Gorgeous – that’s the channel I wanna subscribe to,” he said before heading back into the Anaheim Convention Center.

And because Epic Meal Time is all about making the taste buds’ dreams come true, Morenstein’s current food trend obsession is sure to make them look a bit more aesthetically pleasing, as well.

“As a guy who’s job is to take pride in presentation, making a grilled cheese rainbow or a mac and cheese rainbow or a rainbow is just so darn cute to me,” he said.