Dillon also gave a shout-out to fellow YouTube star Miranda Sings at his Friday VidCon panel

July 24, 2015 05:25 PM

We might all be (im)patiently awaiting Ricky Dillon’s new EP, but it turns out that we actually have another YouTube star to thank for his music: Miranda Sings.

The singer and YouTuber revealed on the PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly interview stage at VidCon on Friday that the lipstick-loving character of Colleen Evans taught him how to sing and to twerk properly.

But when it came time to film the music video for his latest single, “Beat,” which will be released July 27, Dillon turned to a different musical superstar for inspiration – although, she too, is a big fan of twerking.

That’s right: The “Beat” video was inspired by Miley Cyrus, specifically her one-take clip for “Start All Over.”

“Most of my music videos are more about editing and post-work,” Dillon teased. “This one is literally two shots and all about the performance.”

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The Internet sensation also revealed his favorite song off the upcoming EP: “I wrote the whole song. [It’s] called ‘Gold.’ It’s about my high school experience when I was bullied and how I got through it.”

“I like that song a lot,” Dillon added, and we’re pretty much 100 percent certain that we will too.

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