A Brief Guide: How to Dress for VidCon, a.k.a. YouTube Prom

If your hair isn't the color of really any flavor of cotton candy, you might as well go home

Photo: Courtesy Ricky Dillon

For the next three days, the sunny town of Anaheim, California will be overrun with over 300 star YouTubers and – in even larger quantities – their diehard fans. Why? VidCon, the largest gathering of online video stars in the history of gatherings of online video stars, has just kicked off – and everyone’s dressing to the nines.

How do you dress for an event that’s essentially the prom – nay, the Oscars – of YouTube?

Let’s take a look at some of the key fashion dos, as modeled by some of VidCon’s most devoted fans.

1. Pastel hair is a must.


Or, really, any hair that could be the color of a jelly bean.

2. The more of your face that’s decorative, the better.

Fierce, ladies. Fierce.

3. Goofy head gear is not only welcomed, but celebrated.


4. Bring your bae.

Yes, people count as accessories.

5. Wear something comfy, so you can indulge in the festivities with abandon.

You don’t wear a Balenciaga gown to jump into an emoji ball pit.

6. But, really, it’s all about how you carry your self(ie).

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