VidCon 2015: Connor Franta Releases New Compilation Album Through His Own Label

Photo: Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic

That was fast!

Just over a week since announcing the formation of his music label Heard Well, Connor Franta has released the company’s debut album.

Common Culture, Vol. 3 is available now on iTunes, and will hit Amazon Music and streaming platforms on July 30.

The album is Franta’s third compilation of up-and-coming artists after Crown and Common Culture.

“What started off as a passion project has lead to two successful album releases and the launch of my record label, Heard Well,” Franta said in a statement to PEOPLE. “I owe so much of this success to my loving fans, so thank you and enjoy the new music!”

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In a press release, Heard Well boasts of being “the first music label entirely powered by social tastemakers and their communities.”

The label has also recruited Amanda Steele, Lohanthony and Jc Caylen to put together albums of their favorite musicians.

Check out the full track listing for Common Culture, Vol. 3, below.

1. Dreamers by Hopium
2. Stay With Us by Seoul
3. Alright by ROSEAU
4. Heartache Fetish by Young & Sick
5. No Words by Erik Hassle
6. Close by Atu
7. Everybody s In by Lena Fayre
8. Discoloration by Dawn Golden
9. She Wants by SOS
10. High & Low EZA
11. Let You Out by Emilie Nicolas
12. Livewire by Oh Wonder

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