5 Things to Know About iJustine, the Queen of YouTube

You have more in common with the vlogger than you think

Photo: Vince Trupsin

If you’ve ever eaten raw cookie dough straight out of the fridge, you have at least one thing in common with Justine Ezarik. And if you’ve done this more than once – but, really, who’s counting? – maybe you, too, could make a career out of recording yourself doing things like eating raw cookie dough ice-cream sandwiches.

Ezarik, 31, known to her 2 million-plus YouTube fans as iJustine, has built herself an online empire over the past nine years creating clever, relatable content (much like her tutorial on the no-oven-no-problem treat). In a time when stardom feels like a click away, the Internet is saturated with people taking cues from Ezarik. “I’m lucky that I still enjoy this,” she tells PEOPLE of being among the first to stake a claim in the world of online videos (a world that’s taking center stage right now at VidCon). “I love creating content and making people laugh.”

She also loves … wearing sweats? Yup – here’s what else you need to know about the YouTube queen.

1. A really, really big iPhone bill made her famous.
A 300-page phone bill wasn’t a total loss for Ezarik, whose video documenting the decidedly expensive headache became one of her first big viral moments. (Her tech videos continue to be among her most popular to this day.)

2. She’s always been into technology.
Ezarik remembers the day her parents brought home their first computer when she was 7 years old. “I lost my mind,” she says. “It was something that I was really into and could really focus on.”

3. She quit her job to do YouTube full-time.
In 2007, she clocked out of her job at a chiropractor’s office for the last time to dedicate herself to her online career. She recalls of the day she resigned, “[My boss] was like, ‘You can’t quit! You’ll never find a job that pays as much as I pay you!'” (Yeah, about that …)

4. She sees what you say about her.
Attention iJustine fans: Ezarik says she reads comments on the regular. “I’m on Twitter all day long,” she adds.

5. She gets how we feel about doing our hair.
Ezarik tries to shoot videos every day, which requires that thing called a hairbrush. “I hate putting on makeup,” she says. “When I brush my hear, I’m ready to make some videos. That’s the hardest part – putting on clothes that aren’t sweats.”

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