Victoria Beckham was playing around with pal Eva Longoria
Credit: Source Instagram

Victoria Beckham hasn’t quite mastered Snapchat yet.

The 41-year-old designer took to Instagram on Friday to display her unsuccessful attempt at using one of Snapchat’s selfie filters.

In the video clip, Eva Longoria and Beckham attempted to use the puppy filter, which places animated puppy ears, a nose and tongue on the selfie-taker.

Although the ears and nose showed up just fine on Beckham, she couldn’t seem to get the animated tongue to appear on her selfie.

“Stick your tongue out,” Longoria instructed Beckham in the clip. “Wait! It’s supposed to – watch.”

Longoria mastered the puppy filter – tongue and all – and laughed as Beckham stuck her tongue out in vain.

“Fun night out with our men!! X @davidbeckham @evalongoria #whydoesntmytonguework? Kissex X vb @brooklynbeckham,” Beckham captioned the clip.

Longoria reposted the video to her own Instagram account, writing, “There probably isn’t anyone in the world who makes me laugh more than this woman! @victoriabeckham #WhyDoesntHerTongueWork?”

Despite the failed selfie attempt, Beckham and Longoria appeared to enjoy their evening out.

Longoria even posted an Instagram clip and photo of herself alongside Beckham’s son, Brooklyn.

The outing appeared to be a family affair, with Beckham and her husband David posing in a video clip with magician David Blaine – who even Cruz Beckham got to meet!