She also calls herself "ordinary" and says she'd love to have a girl to hand down her clothes to

By Shreya Baxi
Updated July 15, 2008 12:15 PM

Victoria Beckham has been called lots of things, but she’s adding a new, perhaps surprising adjective to the mix: ordinary.

The multitasking mother of three and wife of David Beckham has plenty on her plate, including promotion for her dVb denim line and new him and her fragrances, but expanding her brood could be on her agenda, too.

“At the moment, we’re fine, the five of us. At some point, I’d love to have a girl, you know – just for all the clothes I’ve got to hand down. It would be tremendous fun,” she says in Allure magazine‘s August cover story. “I’ve got great girlie advice that I can share.”

And with millions of girls already looking up to the Spice Girls’s Posh Spice, she contends, “I’m a normal-looking girl, and I just make the best of what I have. I’m not out-of-the-ordinary looking at all – I’m incredibly ordinary,”

Beckham, however, has become famous for her stern look and sophisticated style.

“I kind of created this character at the beginning of the Spice Girls. I didn’t smile very much; it was quite pouty. I was famous for wearing a little black Gucci dress. [Except] it wasn’t a little black Gucci dress, it was a little black High Street dress. It was incredibly cheap. I just accessorized it well and had the pose that went with it.”

Though she’s rarely seen looking less than pristine or out of an impressive pair of stilettos, she calls her style “low-maintenance.”

“If I’m going to an event, it takes me about an hour and a half to put my hair up and have some makeup put on I don t have a stylist. I deal with that side of things myself.”

Who wouldn’t want her pointers – let alone the hand-me-downs!