Victoria Beckham: David Is a 'Spice Boy'

"He's on tour with [us]," says the Spice Wife, who's "having fun"

Photo: CNN's Larry King Live/AP

Last week, Barbara Walters dubbed her “fascinating.” This week, Victoria Beckham is back to being just her plain, old, fabulous self.

Speaking to Larry King Monday night from Las Vegas, where the newly reunited Spice Girls are pop-tarting their way through a series of shows at the Mandalay Bay, Beckham told the avuncular host that it’s “fun being a Spice Girl again.”

“I’m having so much fun. The response has been completely overwhelming,” the 33 year-old brunette-for-now said.

Seeing Mummy

But, why reunite? And, why now?

“It just seemed right, she said, adding that she had agreed to this tour so her sons – Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 2 – “can see Mummy be a pop star again. [They’re] seeing what Mummy does. That I just don’t moan at [them] and make them eat their dinner and clean their teeth. They’re seeing Mummy doing what she loves doing.”

Hubby David‘s take on the reincarnation? “He’s on tour with [us]. He’s a Spice Boy. I respect everything that David does, and he respects and loves what I do. We complement each other, we support each other. We have a lovely family and we’re very, very happy. We’re very lucky.”

Lucky enough to also have good friends who’ve helped ease the family’s transition from London to Los Angeles – friends like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, whom Beckham calls “very kind, caring, funny people.”

No Scientology

As for rampant rumors that Cruise has been proselytizing, Beckham categorically denied any such behavior, telling King: “Tom has his religion that he’s very passionate about. I don’t know anything about Scientology at all. He’s never tried to talk to me about it. He does his thing, we do our thing.”

And, when you’re Posh Spice, your “thing” runs the gamut from writing a bestseller to designing couture to styling Jack Nicholson for the cover story of this past weekend’s Parade magazine.

“I used to do styling quite a few years ago,” explained Beckham to a bemused King. “When I stopped, I said the only person I would ever want to style again would be Jack Nicholson, because I am such a huge fan. When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance!”

Did Jack live up to expectations? “He was everything I expected and more. And ” she proudly announced, “he actually asked if he could buy all the suits afterwards, so he was obviously happy with what I put him in.”

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