June 01, 1998 12:00 AM

The father of a 13-year-old Connecticut boy who has been hospitalized with second and third-degree burns after the teen mimicked a stunt on MTV’s highly rated show “Jackass,” is blaming the music network for his son’s injuries, reports the Associated Press. Jason Lind was severely burned on Friday night when he and a friend reportedly poured gasoline on Lind’s feet and legs and lit him on fire. The incident occurred in Lind’s backyard after he had apparently seen a “Jackass” episode featuring show creator Johnny Knoxville wearing a fire-resistant suit draped with steaks. Knoxville then crouched over a makeshift barbecue while his costars squirted lighter fluid onto the grill to fan the flames. In Lind’s case, the flames grew out of control and burned the boy’s legs and hands before it was extinguished, officials told the AP. On Monday he was listed as being in critical condition in the burn unit of Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Boston. “I don’t want another parent to go through what I went through,” Eric Lind told a local TV station. Democratic Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, an outspoken opponent of media violence, joined him in a chorus of criticism. An MTV spokeswoman said that the show includes written and verbal disclaimers stating, “The following show features stunts performed by professionals and/or total idiots under very strict control” and that those at home should not attempt the sketches.

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