Credit: Larry Marano/Getty

Following a wave of body-shaming Tweets targeting Serena Williams in the days since her Wimbledon win, the tennis champ has garnered support from fans and friends alike.

Not surprisingly, one of her most notable cheerleaders is big sister Venus, who competed at Wimbledon against her record-breaking sibling just last week.

“From the very beginning she has inspired me – this was a long time ago, before she won the majors – her heart on the court and her ability to perform under the most pressure nothing has changed,” Williams, 35, told PEOPLE during a Class Pass and Jamba Juice event at TITLE Boxing Club in N.Y.C. “It’s a special quality that not a lot of people have.”

Venus also offered advice for those who struggle with body-image issues, admitting that “everyone deals with it differently.”

“No matter who you are, the grass is never greener on the other side,” she said, adding the importance of appreciating your given shape for what it is. “You just have to find a way to enjoy that grass.”

While Serena hasn’t made an outright statement about the body-shaming controversy, the star took to Instagram this week to post a slew of glam shots – one in particular taken while lounging on the beach in Sweden.

But it’s a different photo the younger Williams shared on Instagram that shows how much she looks up to her big sis, too.

“There’s nothing I would not do for this brave, inspirational woman. Venus, how fortunate I am to have you as my sister,” reads the caption.