Pat Helmberger thought it was all in fun when she and a friend made Valentine’s Day cards depicting Gov. Jesse Ventura in his wrestling garb, complete with pink hearts and a pink feather boa. The response she got from Ventura was anything but affectionate. Helmberger, a Minnesota Capitol secretary who runs a card business on the side, thought she was on firm legal ground with her card, which reads “Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!” on the outside and “Get Ready to Rumble” inside. She has sold $200 worth of the cards, says the Associated Press. Helmberger also received a “cease-and-desist” letter from Ventura. Helmberger said she would be happy to share the profits with Ventura. “I’ll give him 10%,” she said. “That would be about 20 bucks. I just don’t want anyone telling me how I can or can’t express myself artistically.”