The band will hold online auditions to replace former frontman Scott Weiland
Credit: RCA Records

Since frontman Scott Weiland parted ways with Velvet Revolver earlier this month, the band has made plans to hold online auditions to replace the troubled singer.

“The band is actually talking about building a Web site in the next month or so and doing some auditions via that,” Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash told Billboard.

And while the remaining members of the band will be working with several “well-known people” who will take turns singing during an upcoming Las Vegas show, Slash says that he doesn’t have anyone specific in mind for the open slot.

“We’re at that point of just listening to different things,” he said. “It’s one of those situations where you can’t really explain it to anybody because you’ll know it when you hear it. So, I’m waiting to get that feeling of, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ ”
Lesley Messer