The High School Musical star would consider baring it all for "an amazing movie"

By Brian Orloff
Updated May 12, 2009 05:05 PM
Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

With her own nude photo scandal well in her past, Vanessa Hudgens says she’d bare it all – for the right role.

“I will show nudity in a film when the time is right,” Hudgens, 20, said in a an interview with E! Online. “Right now, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it.”

So what would make her comfortable enough to be filmed in her birthday suit? “When the time’s right, if it’s an amazing movie that I’m really passionate about and that’s what it calls for, then we’ll see.”

But the High School Musical star has more family-friendly fare in her future: She’s currently attached to a film called Beastly, billed as a modern day Beauty and the Beast, and Sucker Punch about a young girl institutionalized by a wicked stepfather.