By Stephen M. Silverman
December 16, 2003 10:59 AM

Luther Vandross may still be recovering from a debilitating stroke, but his record label president says the artist is so excited about his five Grammy nominations for his album “Dance with My Father” that he wants to attend the Feb. 8 ceremony.

“He would be eager to go if the doctors clear it,” J Record boss Clive Davis tells the Associated Press. “There is a possibility. I would not hold out hope one way or the other.”

Vandross, 52, is recuperating at a rehabilitation center after suffering a life-threatening stroke in April. Earlier this month, he received five nominations for “Dance with My Father,” released on J Records.

Vandross has been out of the public eye since his stroke. (His album was released in June.) In November, his mother accepted two American Music Awards on his behalf.

Last Friday, says Davis, he went to see Vandross to present him a platinum plaque marking album sales of more than 1 million copies. The record chief said Vandross was surprised to see him, and the visit put Vandross in a happy mood.

“He was thrilled about it. He said, ‘That’s fabulous, let’s get a cake!’ ”

Davis, 69, who had last seen Vandross in September, said the singer’s condition is improving, although he’s still in a wheelchair and “has good days and bad days.”

Added Davis: “There’s no question that he is progressing. When I speak to him either on the phone or visit with him, he’s right there.”