However, there's been no activity on the actor's cell phone or bank account since Feb. 16

By Tim Nudd
February 23, 2010 02:10 PM

Vancouver police continue to work the case of missing actor Andrew Koenig and are holding out hope he will be found safe – but said there’s been no activity on Koenig’s cell phone or bank account since he was last seen in south Vancouver on Feb. 16.

“Police are still hopeful that Andrew will be found alive,” the Vancouver Police Department said in a media release on Tuesday.

On Monday, the VPD said it had received “a substantial amount of tips and information” in the case, and that various “investigative avenues are being checked and re-checked.”

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Koenig, 41, who played Boner on the late-’80s sitcom Growing Pains, was reported missing after failing to return home to Venice, Calif., on schedule from his trip to Canada.

Koenig’s father said he began to worry about his son after receiving a note from him Feb. 16 in which he sounded “despondent.”

Anyone with information on Koenig’s whereabouts or events leading up to his disappearance is being asked to call the Vancouver Police Missing Persons Unit at (604) 717-2530.