It's not selfish, it's smart – don't let anyone tell you otherwise
Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which not only means we’re one step closer to scoring half-off chocolates at the drugstore the day after V-Day (literally all we look forward to in February), but that it’s also time to start shopping for bae.

In an effort to steer away from the cliché flowers and jewelry, PEOPLE has dreamt up 10 gifts that your main squeeze will treasure forever – and that you will, too. After all, sharing is caring. No, it’s not selfish; it’s smart – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

1. Adele’s New Album on Vinyl

Who doesn’t love Adele? You’d have to be positively mad if a Lauren Conrad-style single tear didn’t slowly fall down your face at least twice during your first listening session of 25. Wouldn’t it be great to relive that emotion?! Will bae appreciate it more than life itself? If his heart is currently beating and he recently purchased a record player, the answer is yes.

2. A Couple’s Massage

Say it loud and proud now: He gets a massage! You get a massage! Everyone gets a deep tissue massage!

3. A Nourishing At-Home Foot Mask

Because he refuses to get biweekly mani-pedis with you – and, let’s be honest, those callouses are giving you nightmares. Solution: invest in Insider Beauty’s foot mask, which includes three packets for you and bae to fight over.

4. A Cozy Hoodie

Sure, he’ll probably live in it for the first two months, but that just makes it even more worn-in and comfortable for you. Idea: hold it captive until he swears to watch the first-ever season of the Real Housewives of New York City (hello, vintage Bethenny!). He’ll surrender before the housewives finish saying their taglines in the show opener. Success!

5. Therapy Sessions

So you can finally find out how he really feels about your two cats and obsession with Eddie Redmayne.

6. The Opportunity to Party with Alan Cumming

Ain’t no party like an Alan Cumming party because an Alan Cumming party don’t stop. Peruse once-in-a-lifetime experiences on, which features an Alan Cumming meet and greet/afterparty and a private dinner inside the Venetian Gothic Palace in Italy, among other cool things – all funds go to charity.

7. A Bath & Body Works Gift Set

Nothing beats smelling like lemon and pine needles from head-to-toe, right? Plus, it’ll probably last you a few months since he’s trying to break free of his penchant for bland bar soap.

8. A Drake Coloring Book

A mutual adoration of Drake is what brought you two together, after all. An ode to your favorite rapper/child star – in coloring book form, no less – is more than enough to reignite your fiery passion for Drake memes and, err, each other.

9. Wine and Chocolate

Give Wine’s Be Mine package is, like, the adult version of chocolates in a heart-shaped box – with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to boot. #ultimatedatenight

10. A Lesson from a Sought-After Swagger Coach

Justin Bieber did it and your man can, too. Who doesn’t want bae to have the same level of cool and class as Michael B. Jordan and Oscar Isaac?