"To my brother happy birthday. We came a long way love you @maksimc #happybirthdaymaks," Val wrote in one of many posts dedicated to his older brother

By Natalie Stone
Updated January 17, 2017 03:42 PM

Val Chmerkovskiy wished his older brother Maks a happy birthday in the most adorable way on Tuesday: with a heartfelt poem and numerous throwback photos!

In honor of Maks turning 37, younger brother Val took to Instagram to share old photos from the siblings’ past, including their childhood, immigrating to America and their first time at Disneyworld.

“To my brother happy birthday. We came a long way love you @maksimc #happybirthdaymaks,” Val, 30, kicked off the posts with a throwback of the two wearing Christmas sweaters as children.

“Thanks for ‘bearing’ with me all these years… especially my super clever comedy #happybirthdaymaks,” he captioned another photo of the duo standing beside a large, stuffed bear.

“our OTB phase. Welcome to America #happybirthdayMaks,” Val penned in a post from when they first came to the U.S.

Next came a hilarious photo of Maks posing next to a portrait of Val during his “pinky ring and acne phase.”

The Dancing with the Stars pro also shared a snap of the two on the ABC set sporting mullet wigs: “To the days when we thought rockin a mullet would help us assimilate in ‘merica #happybirthdaymaks.”

“Then we sold out and became all Hollywood and shhh #happybirthdaymaks,” he captioned a photo of the pair in tuxedos on a red carpet, followed by photos from their “Our Way Tour” and first trip to Disneyworld in Florida.

Lastly, Val wrote a sweet poem in dedication to his older brother and expressed how he is “forever grateful” for him.

“Dear brother. Sometimes I wonder like Stevie. Brother full of love like Philly. I know this might sound silly but, I know you gon feel me cause, you never disappear and When I call you’re always near me. You are the roof, that kept me dry and when I asked to fly,” the poem began.

“You took me underneath your wing And flew against the wind so high, I Never heard you say ‘That’s mine’ Cause you shared your love your time With me. Like all the time we’d be… Together. and even when apart you always had me in your heart I know, cause you there from the start till I’m under. Never wonder or doubt me. I know it’s in me that..women always near me but you my blood Running in me flowing thru my veins like, rivers when it rains.. you did for me what Jordan did for Hanes…” he quipped.

Val concluded the post: “All jokes aside you always kept me by your side. Forever grateful… I’ll be like ‘check one two’ And always be beside you. I love you. More than any verbal choreography can express. My gratitude to you is endless, and my ambition to return the favor will never subside. It’s nice to say I made it, but it’s a lot better to say that WE DID!! What’s mine is yours. and always will be. #happybirthdaymaks.”

Just two weeks before turning 37, Maks and his fellow Dancing with the Stars pro-fiancée Peta Murgatroyd welcomed their first child together: son Shai Aleksander Chmerkovskiy.

“This is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to us!” the engaged couple said in a statement after welcoming Shai into the world.