K.c. Blumm
September 13, 2013 07:15 PM

Home Depot isn’t exactly the most romantic place in the world but last week the lumber aisle in a Salt Lake City store became the location for a very sweet marriage proposal – complete with a flash mob.

Spencer Stout told Fox 13 that he had known for a few months that he wanted to propose to his boyfriend, Dustin Reeser, and came up with the idea after hearing the song “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who.

“The words kind of amplify how I feel about Dustin, so I had seem some flash mobs online and my wheels just started turning,” he said.

He chose the Home Depot store because that was where they’d gone on their first date.

The scene was set when Reeser went to the hardware store to help his roommate pick up some party supplies. The song came over a loudspeaker as he turned down the lumber aisle and he saw a group of people start dancing.

“I start to recognize people and then I start to recognize more people, and I’m thinking it’s a really nice graduation gift, but a little weird,” Reeser said.

He didn’t realize what was happening until Stout walked out holding up a sign with the lyrics, “If I am good to you Won’t you be good to me?”

“You can see me looking around [in the video] and it’s cause I don’t know where he is, and he’s probably at Crossfit, and then he walks out and I sort of freak.”

Then Stout got down on one knee to propose to his boyfriend of two years and Reeser nodded his head as the couple embraced. They plan to wed next summer.

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