Bearing gifts and a song, Usher brought a smile to the face of an ailing 7-year-old girl. The R&B sensation visited Detroit Children’s Hospital this weekend and paid a special visit to Jasmine Rowe, who suffers from a congenital birth defect that causes fluid to build up in her brain. “How ya doin’?” he asked, sitting gently on her bed. “Can I get a hug?” Since birth Jasmine has had more than 40 surgeries to relieve the pressure in her head that produces terrible headaches. In addition to two roses, the Grammy Award-nominee gave Jasmine a T-shirt he personalized for her. Looking as though he might cry himself, he posed for photographs with Jasmine and her mother. “These are the days that make you the person that you are,” Usher said. “Kids make the world go round.”

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