Tameka Foster says she's not pregnant – with her ex-husband's child, at least

By Stephen M. Silverman
June 21, 2007 01:30 PM

Don’t believe the rumors – Usher and his stylist fiancée, Tameka Foster, engaged since January, are “good,” she says.

“Friends tell me about some of [the online gossip] and we’ll laugh, but honestly, I don’t pay attention to the gossip on the day-to-day,” Foster, 36, tells Essence.com.

But she does want to clear up one rumor: that she’s pregnant with her ex’s child. “That is ridiculous,” she says. “If that were the case, the baby would have been born already.”

Asked if she’s pregnant with Usher’s child, she says: “Yes, I do plan to have children with Usher. This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn’t I want to share that bond of bringing another life into this world with him?”

(Through her rep, Foster declined to clarify her response, but told PEOPLE: “For the past year and a half, the media has speculated and assumed many things and when I finally did a reputable interview, there are still speculations and misconceptions.”)

Foster also addresses another persistent rumor: that she and Usher, 28, were together while she was still married to Noontime Music cofounder Ryan Glover – and Usher was still dating TLC’s Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas. “No, it’s not true,” she says. “For the record, I was legally separated from my husband, to whom I was married for five years, not 10 as many have reported. He knew Usher and I were dating, and he was dating other people.”

Asked if Usher (full name: Usher Raymond) was a home wrecker, she replies, “Absolutely not. He was on tour when my marriage was officially over. He had nothing to do with what happened between my husband and me. Between my hectic travel schedule and our personality differences, my ex and I grew apart. There are no hard feelings between us.”

Her relationship with the singer grew serious a year and a half ago, she says. “What people don’t realize is that Usher and I were friends for nearly seven years and I worked as his personal stylist for five years. I was the only female friend he felt he could talk to. Because I was older, he would often ask me questions to help him understand the mentality of an older woman. He was really into Chilli. And when things began to get shaky in my marriage he was there to listen to me as well.”

How did she know he was the one for her? “He just accepted me for who I am,” she says. “I am 36 with three children, so I don’t have the body of a 21-year-old. I have flaws, I have an attitude problem, I never make flights and the list goes on. Overall, I have issues that a person could either love or hate, but he accepted me completely. And every day he still treats me like we just met. He opens my car door, calls me to ask if I need anything. He gives 100 percent and doesn’t waver on consistency.”

With reporting by AMY KEITH