He’s got a multiplatinum CD and multiple Grammy awards, and now he’s about to bring his Confessions to a live worldwide audience. One Night One Star Usher Live, at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, airs live on Showtime March 5. Usher, 26, spoke with PEOPLE while en route to a rehearsal.

What are you planning for the big show?
This is going to be a night to remember. I am going to take you on a musical journey from my first hit record to my most recent. For this one, we have a few guest stars and a few surprises. One thing you can expect is that there will be no Ashlee Simpson-style malfunctions.

Do you speak Spanish?
No, but I do plan on doing something special for my Spanish-speaking audience. I am also mindful that I will be in Puerto Rico and I have a few songs that I have never performed before on stage that I plan on pulling out.

Besides preparing for your show, aren’t you busy trying to buy a piece of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers?
No comment.

All right, tell us about your basketball skills.
I am okay on the court, man. I wouldn’t say I pride myself on my jump shot. I am more of an assist guy. But if I go one-on-one with the right cat, I might shake and bake him.

Ever hang out with LeBron James?
I have no comment on my relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So what’s the most difficult part of being a sex symbol?
I guess just being one, man. It is all popular opinion, based on pictures people take of you.

Do feel pressure to always look good – even at the supermarket?

My fashion sense is part of who I am as an entertainer. It is a part of my passion. I love fashion. I am a passionate fashion icon.

And every designer on earth sends you fabulous suits.
No doubt about it. And luckily this body of mine can fit into them.

Best pick-up line you ever used?
Pickup line? I don’t have one.

You’re saying that when you’re Usher, you don’t need one?
I didn’t say that, man. I said I didn’t have one. I just say hello to her. The best thing to do – the only thing to do – is have a conversation and try to entertain her. If you keep a woman laughing, then you got it.

What do you fear?

Do you wish you could change something about your life?
If I could change anything I would simplify some of it. But at the same time it’s my mind that makes me the way I am and makes me want to do all the things that I do. I have so many talents – as an actor, director, producer, as a businessman. I know I can do it, so I do it.

Are you working on a movie based on your own life?
I am writing a script that is loosely related to a success story but not specifically my life. But I do pull a lot from what I go through.

So it’s not going to be Confessions: The Movie?
No, not at all.

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