Freshen up your feed in time for summer

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 19, 2015 03:30 PM
Jason Pierce/Getty

If you have vertigo, or are easily upset by images of heights, you might not want to scroll any further. Because if there’s one thing that binds a lot of these Instagram photographers together, it’s a dedication to getting the kind of top-down look at their respective cities that might quicken your pulse in a bad way.

But it’s not all heights, wuthering and otherwise. We’ve also got a few photographers who specialize in the human side of their city, or in taking unconventional looks at well-known landmarks. If you’re looking for some inspiration as you embark on a summer of IG’ing – let’s all, as a culture, say goodbye to hot-dog legs – you could do a lot worse than the 10 photographers we rounded up below.

Humza Deas

Primarily based in N.Y.C., Deas’ activities take him all over, as evidenced by his active – and stunning – IG.

Oasis Jae

For amazing views of the Miami skyline, surf and everything in between, look no further than Oasis Jae.

Adam Senatori

The far-ranging Senatori has a nifty shortcut to getting his nonstop supply of aerial IGs: He’s also a licensed pilot.


Dallas-based photographer @eightyfour balances shots of his city’s crowded skyline with desolate, unexplored areas.

Hiroaki Fukuda

Fukuda is primarily based in Tokyo, but his career has taken him as far as Singapore and India.

Joshua Lott

Chicago-based Lott’s slice of life photography is often more intimate than that of his daredevil peers, but he’s working with some self-imposed limitations: He shoots everything with a Samsung Galaxy S4.


Brooklyn’s Jomayra (who shoots as “@visualmemories_”) works with a cool, cleanly composed palette. It’s not always raining in N.Y.C., but you wouldn’t know that to look at this feed – not that that’s a bad thing.

Ryan Postel

Rarely has the Windy City looked as good as it does through Postel’s lens.


One of N.Y.C.’s resident daredevil photographers, @unconventionalism’s feed is chock-full of vertigo-inducing shots like the one above.


Though @kostennn’s photos are frequently taken from great heights as well, he mixes it up a lot with images like the quiet nighttime shot above.