Five-year-old Carson Kight is known for being Colorado's cutest deliveryman

By Tiare Dunlap
December 24, 2015 11:25 AM

Five-year-old Carson Kight is known for being Colorado’s cutest deliveryman.

The young boy from Colorado Springs became a viral sensation in 2014 when his dream of becoming a UPS driver came true in a heartwarming video.

This year, the young boy paid it forward by training three new UPS drivers and leading them on a special delivery to bring holiday cheer to children at local Ronald McDonald houses.

Carson’s mom, Karen Kight, says her son’s fascination with the delivery service began when he was just a baby. The family’s local driver, Ernest Lagasca, delivered special baby formula three times a week.

“When Carson was 18 months old, he became interested in the trucks in the neighborhood, especially the UPS truck,” Karen tells PEOPLE. “When he came to the door, Ernie would always ask him, ‘Do you want to come out and see my truck?’ ”

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She continues, “He always would go out and meet Ernie if the weather was good and Ernie would show him the parts of the truck. So this little relationship between the two of them grew because he was part of our life for so many years.”

Ernie and Carson

When UPS heard about Carson and Ernie’s special bond, the company decided to make the young boy’s dream of becoming a UPS driver himself come true as part of their Wishes Delivered campaign. Carson was given a miniature delivery truck and joined his pal on a day of deliveries.

Ever since that special day, Carson has continued making deliveries around his neighborhood.

A little UPS delivery person delivers a gift

“The neighbors call Carson to be the little UPS deliverer in the neighborhood,” Karen says. “They ask Carson to deliver things to each other.”

Even though Ernie was put on a different delivery route last year, he still keeps in touch with Carson and his family.

“Each time we see Ernie, you would think there’s nothing new he could teach Carson, but there’s always something new and they’re life lessons,” Karen says.

This year, Carson paid it forward by training other young UPS delivery people in a one-day camp his mom calls “the ultimate playdate.”

Two of Carson's trainees

Carson schooled his new friends on driving a truck, the best way to knock on doors for deliveries and then brought them to Ronald McDonald house to deliver presents to kids and families in need.

“He loved driving his truck in there and all the kids loved giving out the presents,” Karen says. “It was a great learning experience for him.”

With two years of practice, Carson says he’s even more certain he wants to become a UPS deliveryman when he grows up.

“Just like Mr. Ernie,” he says.