"Basically I paid someone to come to my house and pee on it," homeowner Ben Lucas said
Credit: David Leahy/Getty

One UPS driver is considerably less relieved after a video of him tossing a package over a homeowner’s fence in Houston, Texas, and then urinating on the property was posted on the company’s Facebook page.

The homeowner, Ben Lucas, also uploaded the video to local news station KHOU’s Facebook and spoke to the station about the incident in which a UPS delivery man unceremoniously lobs a package over his fence, shot put-style, then looks around for a moment and relieves himself in the front yard.

“It’s not like the cameras are hidden, he did a quick look around,” Lucas told KHOU.

Lucas added that the shell of his ammunition cleaning machine – the item in the package – was cracked by the driver’s preferred method of delivery, but, not surprisingly, it was the blatant disrespect for his property that stuck with him.

“You’re paying someone to take a package to go from point A to point B, so basically I paid someone to come to my house and pee on it,” he said.

After repeated calls to UPS failed to yield the desired response, Lucas edited the clip down and posted it to the company’s Facebook page, at which point a supervisor called him and offered an apology, as well as an unspecified gift.

The driver, who the company confirmed was seasonal, was fired, though UPS declined to specify whether it was because of his actions or because he was a seasonal hire.