Thumbs-down victim Rob Schneider sends flowers to the critic, who is recovering from cancer

By Champ Clark
May 10, 2007 08:10 AM
Lee Roth/Starmax

Roger Ebert, who is recovering from a long battle with cancer, recently received a get-well bouquet from an unlikely person.

“Who was it from? A friend? A colleague? An old classmate? The card was signed, ‘Your Least Favorite Movie Star, Rob Schneider,’ ” Ebert, 64, writes on his Web site.

“It will help to establish a context if I mention that my review of Schneider’s latest film, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, contained three words which provided me with the title of my new book: ‘Your Movie Sucks.’ ”

Ebert writes that the flowers didn’t change his opinion of the film – “But I don’t think he intended that. It was a way of stepping back. It was a reminder that in the great scheme of things, a review doesn’t mean very much.”

The critic is recuperating after suffering complications from surgery for salivary cancer. Though he faces several more surgeries and is currently unable to speak due to a tracheotomy, his doctors say he can expect a full recovery.

“Rob Schneider might (in my opinion) have made a bad movie,” writes Ebert. “He is not a bad man.”

Schneider gives Ebert two thumbs up in return.

“I’m glad he’s back doing what he loves most, watching movies in his lazy-chair with friends and loved ones,” Schneider tells PEOPLE. “I’ve been a fan of his and his infectious love of cinema since I’m a kid. However, regarding his new book titled Your Movie Sucks, I believe I might be owed royalties.”