Scott Olson/Getty
July 10, 2015 02:35 PM

A United pilot accidentally brought 10 bullets onboard a June flight – then tried to dispose of them by flushing them down the aircraft’s toilet.

The airline is investigating the bizarre incident, which occurred on an international flight from Houston to Germany, CNN reports.

“A United pilot improperly disposed of ammunition during a flight last month from Houston to Munich,” the airline said in a statement Thursday. “We are reviewing the incident, and the pilot remains an employee.”

When he realized his mistake, the pilot first tried to throw out the bullets in a trash can. But a passenger noticed them and became concerned, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

The passenger told a flight attendant, who then mentioned it to the captain. He in turn flushed the ammo down the toilet.

The pilot reported the incident when the flight landed in Munich and authorities were able to retrieve the bullets from the toilet.

Under federal law, a pilot is allowed to carry a weapon, but only in the United States.

It is not believed that the pilot will face criminal charges stemming from the incident, The Aviation Herald reports.

Earlier in the week, United grounded all flights due to a computer glitch.

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