Unhappy Days for Actress

“Happy Days” actress Roz Kelly has pleaded no contest to charges she fired a gun at a neighbor’s home because she was angry about a car alarm. Kelly, 56, who played Fonzie’s biker girlfriend Pinky Tuscadero on the sitcom, entered her plea Thursday. In a plea-bargain arrangement, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office plans to drop charges that Kelly fired into two cars during last November’s incident. Kelly was scheduled to have been sentenced Oct. 20.

  • In other news of ’70s sitcom stars, “Brady Bunch” actor Barry Williams — he played Greg — unveiled his CD “The Return of Johnny Bravo” (a Tom Jones-like character he played on the old show) at a New York party this week that was described as fun. “That’s part of my job,” Williams told PEOPLE’s Ivory Clinton II, “to make people have fun, to lighten their loads and to make them feel better than they did before I went on.”
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