Jesse Nagy's niece felt shy wearing her princess dress out of the house, but he showed her it's okay in the best possible way

By Drew Mackie
Updated March 24, 2015 10:05 PM
Jonathan Olley/Disney

Jesse Nagy’s niece loves princesses, but she didn’t feel entirely comfortable wearing her favorite royal get-up out of the house.

Nagy, however, wanted 4-year-old Izzabella to feel comfortable being princess-y herself. So when the pair stepped out to a screening of Cinderella on Sunday, he donned a strapless purple prom dress he borrowed from a family friend.

Nagy, an actor from Detroit, had been visiting his sister in Florence, Alabama, and according to Alabama’s WAFF, had wanted to find a way to spend some quality time with his niece. The internet has agreed at the outing – and Nagy’s daring look – were a success, and the photo has since exploded on Facebook.

“Found out I’m internet famous,” Nagy joked in a follow-up on Facebook. “Within 3 hours I had more publicity then my 5 years of professional acting.”

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