Uma Thurman Stands by Her Man

The actress won't leave boyfriend Andre Balazs's side at a New York City gala

Uma Thurman wouldn’t leave hotelier beau Andre Balazs’s side while posing for photos at a gala for New York City’s Whitney Museum on Monday.

The couple got cuddly for photographers, and when Thurman was asked to pose alone, she said, “I’m not solo so I’m not standing solo.”

Keeping her arms locked in Balazs’s, Thurman told PEOPLE she was at the event because “I was invited by my boyfriend.” Told the two looked very happy together, the actress replied, “We are.”

(Thurman, 36, and Balazs, 49, began dating in 2004. They split in March but have since been spotted together everywhere from Copenhagen to New York.)

At the gala afterparty Michelle Williams, 25, was asked by PEOPLE if she plans to instill a sense of art appreciation in daughter Matilda, who turns 1 on Oct. 28. (Dad is Williams’s fiancé and Brokeback Mountain costar Heath Ledger.)

“Well, where we live we have a lot of art on the wall, and we have a lot of sophisticated things in the nursery,” she said. “But we try to keep it real and child-friendly, but with stuff that will last a lifetime.”

Also at the party: Emmy Rossum, 20, who told PEOPLE, “I live two blocks away and I have been coming to the Whitney since I was this high. It’s my neighborhood and I’m always jazzed to come and support art.”

She’s currently recording an album due in the spring, she said. “It’s going to be pop music. Kind of my first foray into a more pop genre. But it’s not going to be bubble-gum pop – it’s going to be softer pop, inspired by Sarah McLachlan, Frou Frou, David Gray – softer pop artists.”

Ex-Saturday Night Live-er Jimmy Fallon, 31, turned up wearing a Paul McCartney button. “He’s the best,” Fallon said. “He’s the one and only. He’s my man. He’s my favorite. Yeah, I love Paul. I’ve got to support him.”

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