The actress says she wants at least three children and hasn't ruled out adoption

By Eunice Oh
Updated June 13, 2008 08:00 AM

After one year of newlywed bliss, Ana Ortiz says she’s ready to start a family with musician husband Noah Lebenzon.

“We are definitely talking about kids,” the Ugly Betty star told PEOPLE at the Beckley boutique opening celebration Thursday in Los Angeles. “It’s probably sooner than later!”

Ortiz, 37 – who wed Lebenzon, 38, last June in Puerto Rico – said she wants a full house because, as a child, she always craved siblings. (Her brother and sister are much younger, so Ortiz spent years as a only child.)

“I want to make sure that I have at least three kids,” she explained. “Even if I don’t give birth to all of them. Adoption, natural – everything is up in the air!”

Ortiz may soon follow in the footsteps of Ugly Betty producer Salma Hayek, who gave birth to daughter Valentina Paloma last September. In fact, Hayek may have been the one to spark all this baby talk in the first place.

“The last time I saw [Salma] she was pregnant,” recalled Ortiz. “She pointed and was like, ‘You’re next!’ ”