Investigators in the Southern California mountain resort of Big Bear City hope to interview Mike Tyson, 35, this week about a woman’s claim that the former heavyweight champion sexually assaulted her at a rental home two weeks ago, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Beavers. Last week, an unidentified woman contacted the sheriff’s department and alleged that the former heavyweight champ sexually assaulted her. Sheriff’s officials said Friday they had not determined whether there was criminal wrongdoing, and Beavers told the Associated Press on that Sunday she had no new information on the case or the woman’s condition. Tyson’s attorney, Darrow Soll, issued a statement from his office Sunday, calling the incident “merely an allegation, and we feel it is without merit. We are hopeful that the authorities will conduct a thorough and complete investigation, which we fully expect will clear Mr. Tyson of any wrongdoing.” Earlier this month, reports AP, Tyson apologized to a Big Bear Lake storeowner for walking out of the shop with $25 worth of candy. The incident was later determined to be a misunderstanding, according to sheriff’s officials. Tyson served more than three years in an Indiana prison after being convicted in 1992 of rape and other charges. He has repeatedly fought abuse claims from women, including his first wife, actress Robin Givens.