By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated January 31, 2002 12:00 PM

The woes continue to mount for ex-boxing champ Mike Tyson, who earlier this week was denied a license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission that would have allowed him to fight Lennox Lewis on April 6 in Las Vegas. On Wednesday, reports Reuters, Las Vegas police said they will ask prosecutors on Friday to charge Tyson, 35, with felony sexual assault for an alleged September incident. The police also said they are investigating allegations by a second woman that he raped her at his Vegas home in November 2000. Metropolitan Police Lt. Jeff Carlson, head of the department’s sex crimes unit, told the news service that his detectives would ask for a felony warrant against Tyson. “We have completed our investigation on one case and that will be submitted to the (Clark County) district attorney’s office to see if they will approve that case or not,” Carlson said. “We also now have a second investigation, but that is in the preliminary stages.” Tyson’s lawyer, Darrow Soll, told Reuters his client intends to cooperate with authorities. “We’re hopeful that the district attorney’s office, whom we believe to be a very fair organization, will allow us to cooperate in the investigation and interview any witnesses we put forth,” Soll said. He also criticized police for discussing the case with the press. Meanwhile, Tyson is reportedly still looking for a venue where he can take on Lewis, 36. A South African promoter is trying to bring the fight to that country.