Imagine pulling up to McDonald’s and seeing Tyrese Gibson taking your order… it may have been you if you lived in California before he was a star.

“My first official job with like an actual job application filled out was McDonald’s,” Gibson tells PEOPLE at the Bounce Brunch during Essence Fest. “I started on the grill but I’ve always been a people person so the grill really wasn’t working for me. I had to work my way up to the cash register. I always greeted them with a smile.”

However, it wasn’t the busy fast food grind or the customer interaction that Gibson loved the most about his first job, it was the food.

“They are my favorite fries. I used to love eating during breaks, especially when the triple cheeseburger came out,” Gibson says.

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson stopped by McDonald's at the Essence Fest on Saturday
Donald Traill/Invision/AP
Tyrese told PEOPLE about his first job as a fry cook at McDonald's
Soul Brother

The 37-year-old triple threat (singer, actor, model) may have to lay off the fries for a while because it was recently confirmed that he will be returning to the Transformers cast. Gibson will resume his role as Robert Epps, the Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, in the fifth installment of the franchise. The film is expected to be in theaters June 23, 2017.

“I was just honored to get the call that it was going to happen again,” Gibson tells PEOPLE. “There’s pretty much nobody that captures action on the level that Michael Bay does. It’s good to be back.”

Gibson is also filming Fast 8, which is scheduled to release in April 2017. Although 2017 is looking to be a busy year for the “Sweet Lady” singer, he’s still making time to look for love (even at the Essence Fest).

“A lot of black women I know have given up on love, given up on the idea and the possibility of love because they’ve been through a lot,” Gibson says. “Just know that God is gonna send you what’s yours. I’m looking for my queen right now as we speak.”

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