The outspoken talk show host makes a (fashionable) political statement

By Brian Orloff
Updated August 05, 2008 01:05 PM

Some celebrities have shown support for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama by wearing a T-shirt with his face on it or by speaking at political events.

Tyra Banks is dressing up like his wife, Michelle Obama, in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “Michelle Obama, you’re one hot mama,” the talk show host and supermodel says in the issue, which hits newsstands Aug. 19.

In the new image, Banks poses in a faux Oval Office with a model who resembles Barack Obama. She also talks politics, explaining her pose. “With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning,” Banks says. “Without Michelle, he wouldn’t be there.”

When it comes to a modern first lady, Banks, who’s staked her career on female empowerment, has some advice to offer. “I want her to not take herself too seriously,” she says. “She’d need to know how to take a fierce picture but at the same time be able to eat fried chicken, have grease on her fingers, and be okay with getting photographed like that, too.”

And she must have a fantastic hairstyle.

“My question isn’t to flip or not to flip,” Banks tells Harper’s Bazaar. “Mine would be to weave or not to weave.”

But the talk show host gets serious when talk turns to Obama’s possible presidency. “When Barack won the nomination, I just started bawling,” Banks says. “I started calling all these people, and everybody was talking to me like I was crazy. They re like, ‘Well, he hasn’t won yet,’ but I m like, ‘Yes, he has, because he’s gotten this far.'”